CONNECTIONS: Ableton User Group Berlin + Prague

Musicians, educators and organizers Donna Maya (AUG Berlin) and Mary C (AUG Prague and Synth Library Prague) organized another Berlin-Prague connection meeting in collaboration with Czech Center Berlin. The main motive this time was collaboration. Artists, collectives, initiatives and crews of the electronic music scene in Prague and Berlin got together to discuss how they collaborate and how visions, that take more than two, can be realized.  Guest panelists were: Zuzana Hamm (MEETUP Berlin)
Ivy Rossiter (Éclat Crew), Tasya Nafigina (Lovely, Mezipatra, Lunchmeat Collective) and Zeynab Gueye (add zine). The discussion was followed by live performances of Czech artists Viah and Ursula Sereghy.


__ Ableton User Group Prague & Berlin
Regular meetings for all interested Ableton Live users based in (or visiting) Berlin and Prague. All levels are welcome. The meetings usually feature lectures and demonstrations by artists covering their creative process. The Berlin group is run by Donna Maya, the first woman to become Ableton Certified Trainer, experienced musician and lecturer, together with ACT Brian Smith. The Prague group is run by musician and curator Mary C in collaboration with producer, composer and lecturer Martin Tvrdý.

__ Synth Library Prague (ZVUK)
Community space for education and experiments in the field of sound and electronic music. Space filled with amazing instruments, books, and other resources run by female artists and curators, who are committed to creating strong base for everyone to learn, share and collaborate as equals – with respect, care and thoughtfulness. It is a place to start building self confidence as much as it is a space to learn new technology. The Synth Library Prague is the first sister library to the former Synth Library Portland co-founded and co-run by musician and educator Alissa DeRubeis, who also helped to set the Prague library with Mary C. Both together also started a collective of women creating electronic music called Trigger and created a magazine focused on diversity and systems of power not only in the field of music technology.

__ Beats by Girlz Berlin
Non-traditional, creative and educational recording-arts campaign designed by Associate Professor at The Berklee College of Music, Erin Barra. Designed to empower females to engage with music technology and build communities. We provide young women with the guidance, access, tools and role-support to develop their interest (and ultimately their ability to pursue career opportunities) in music production, composition, engineering, etc. We are working towards gender equity in a field where women are highly underrepresented and strive help other groups mobilize and create similar change in their own communities. The Berlin chapter is lead by Donna Maya and DJ Ipek and the first course opened in September 2019.

__ Meetup Berlin
growing community addressing female-identifying, non-binary and inter* artists including the LBTQ community, in the fields of music and arts in Berlin. We embrace diversity of age, class, cultural identity and (dis)abilities, and uphold an evolving intersectionality, honoring the individual. We are aware of the fact that creating a safe space is a continuous learning process. We meet once a month to present various projects, events and initiatives, discuss music related topics, organize workshops, exchange creative ideas and showcase upcoming DJs and musicians. MEETUP Berlin provides an opportunity to meet likeminded individuals for collaborating on projects and share ideas.

Berlin-based Electronic Music Collective aiming to support, promote, and inspire the practice and output of female*, trans and non-binary artists through collaboration and cooperation.
Meets fortnightly in Berlin to work on shared music-making challenges, throws parties, and collaborates with other collectives and events around Berlin and Europe.

__ add zine
The intention of the add zine is to join the public discussion about women’s status and operations in various cultural structures. Our key words are mainly fluidity, process, openness, care and environment. Here, a woman is not understood only as an entity designated by gender and biology, yet as a symbol of the one who is oppressed and factitiously weak, or an archetype of somebody who is not taken seriously by the system. add wants to disprove these stereotypes by the examination of the current social phenomena, the review of the work of Czech and Slovak queer artists, and also through revealing feminist topics in our everyday life. It is important for the zine to have each of its issues connected with another central unifying subject. We realize how important is, especially nowadays, the role of community which would represent a counterweight to the growing influence of certain institutions. We want to display various communities, and thus help the readers peek into them. One of these communities is e.g. a (non)model New Aliens Agency, with whom we intend to explore the questions of authenticity and diversity of beauty.

__ Lovely
Prague club night organized by multidisciplinary artist and DJ Tasya Nafigina and Karolína Zikešová. Tasya collaborated with various artists and also Lunchmeat Studio as a visual artist and curates the music program of Mezipatra Queer Festival.



Viah excels as an authentic combo of vocal and producer talent and sprang onto the music scene last year with her record Tears of a Giant, melting together minimalist electronic music with producer Jiří Burian’s dance grooves and lyrics masterfully dealing with fragility, the toxicity of social media and soul searching. The debut album is diverse in its sound, as the tracks morph from whispery piano melancholia to monumental dancefloor burners. It marks Viah’s ascendance in electronic and avant-pop music, with a detectable inclination towards experimental music. Her live shows prove her talent as a performer as well, utilizing elements of theatre. Having grown up in a tri-lingual environment of Czech, Vietnamese and English, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more cosmopolitan singer on the contemporary Czech scene. In June 2019 she was voted the most promising progressive Czech act by the international jury composed mainly of radio experts in Czeching, the music export project of Czech Radio’s youth station Radio Wave (at the Metronome Festival).

Ursula Sereghy

Ursula Sereghy is a multi-instrumentalist and producer based in Prague. She is a member of the emerging hip hop/soul/jazz band Metastavy where she plays saxophone and synths. As a solo artists and producer she has been passionately exploring sound design as well as rhythmical structures of dance music. Sereghy has played live hardware sets at various clubs and festivals and worked on an installation for Berlin social critique exhibition of Matyáš Maláš, Julius Reichl and Namora Ynrobyva. She is a member of Synth Library Prague team and Trigger collective.