Interview with QUALIATIK & AWALI

The latest episode of Trigger Radio Show on Radio Punctum produced and hosted by Synth Library featured interview with producer, singer, multimedia artist and neuroscientist Qualiatik, who earlier performed at the Creepy Teepee Festival. Similar to the previous interview with musician, composer, singer and painter Awali, we talked a lot about physicality.

QUALIATIK Interview on Radio Punctum with Prague Synth Library

here's the full video of my headass' heady-ass interview on Radio Punctum with Synth Library Prague (ZVUK) after CREEPY TEEPEE FESTIVAL talking about embodiment and physicality, catharsis, the subconscious, neuroscience, and ~granular synthesis~ 🌟

Zveřejnil(a) QUALIATIK dne Čtvrtek 1. srpna 2019