Quarantine reading tips from Mary C

Mary C was asked for some synth / electronic music related tips by Tina Malina (Modul@rnice, PIF camp). Here they are with links to read/download for free.


♫ Modul@rnice quarantine tips by Marie Ctverackova / Mary C (Synth Library Prague / ZVUK) ♫

„I purposely picked books because they have always been an important source of empowerment for me, also the world definitely needs more of the writings by women, queer people and people of colors on the mandatory reading lists.“

➤ Pauline Oliveros: Deep Listening
Deep listening is a key part of our practice as well as the motto of Synth Library Prague. Pauline Oliveros is one of my heroes, equally as one of the most important musicians of the 20th century, philosopher and activist. Her work reminds us of the importance of active engagement with attention. She describes the „deep listening“ as „learning to expand the perception of sounds to include the whole space/time continuum of sound encountering the vastness and complexities as much as possible“. Realizing the connection with the whole of our environment and beyond is the purpose. Start with some sonic meditations here bit.ly/3cIi5fH

➤ Daphne Oram: An Individual Note
This month marks 62nd anniversary of BBC Radiophonic Workshop opening. The music and sound effects studio had a strong impact on music aesthetics and practice and was founded by composer and electronic music pioneer Daphne Oram, inventor of the Oramics machine. You can find her book „An Individual note“ for your „a-MUSE-ment“ on  bit.ly/3atXE4I

➤ Black Quantum Futurism
Quarantine offers an exercise in re-thinking time and space. You might have heard music by artists Moor Mother, I strongly recommend to dive also more into the philosophy, physics, community organizing and various possible afrofutures with Black Quantum Futurism Collective, that she co-founded with her partner artist and attorney Rasheeda Philips, co-creator of Community Futures Lab, socially engaged art and research project. On their website you can read a blog, download their zines or buy some of their books  www.blackquantumfuturism.com