Trigger Collective Deconstruction event took place at Punctum-Krásovka 27 / 06 / 2020it featured live performances by Mary C, evil medvěd, Ursula Sereghy, mʊdʌki

Watch the video by Tasya Nafigina

This video was presented as part of the online residency of Czech Feminist Institutions at DGTL FMNSM festival. It’s a sample of live performances inspired by deconstruction, dismantling and (un)learning by Mary C, evil medvěd, Ursula Sereghy and mʊdʌki, members of the Trigger Collective. The event „Trigger Deconstruction“ took place at Punctum-Krásovka and featured also a discussion of various initiatives on (un)learning.


Evil Medvěd

Mary C


Ursula Sereghy


„Shake it till the concrete constructs
and systems of control start to dance
Let the deconstruction play,
unlearn and dismantle together again
Listen to connect, what’s next
Trigger change!“

The next event of Trigger Collective „Essential Sounds“ with a community dinner, discussion and concert took place on the 6th September 2020 at Punctum.

Trigger collective was founded in 2018 within the Synth Library as an open collective of women and trans* people in music. It manifests in the form of different projects by women and trans* people in music for not only for women and trans*. The collective evolves around the topics of re/search, un/learning, respect, equality and studying various systems of control not only in the field of music technology. You can tune in to Trigger ON AIR selection of music and discussions, thoughts, emotions and transformation it triggers and feeds – on Radio Punctum every first Wednesday of the month form 7 pm.

Artwork by Tasya Nafigina