TRIGGER Essential Sounds

FREE SAMPLE PACK released as part of an online residency of
Czech Feminist Institutions at DGTL FMNSM.
Essential sounds is a palette of various sounds, soundscapes and loops recorded by five members of the Trigger Collective with instruments from the Synth Library Prague collection or instruments owned by the members themselves. For us essential sounds mean also important words and ideas, that are still not being discussed loud enough. We have narrated and recorded few of them during the process as well.
You can use this material freely as a sample pack and join us in creating new interpretations and sonic environments. Collaborate, discuss, record ideas, make collages, songs or any kind of sound art using these samples till the 15th February 2021. The aim is to release a compilation.
Please send your contribution to marie@zvukpraha.czThis material will become part of the Trigger Archive, source of essential words and sounds that we are building as part of our learning and unlearning processes. This shared library of ideas, that are often being muted, not discussed properly or misunderstood is an invitation for anyone to join the process with us. The first contributions to the archive including „Essential Sounds“ are presented during an online residency of Czech Feminist Institutions at DGTL FMNSM > digitalfeminism.netThe next event of Trigger Collective with a community dinner, discussion and concert will take place … hopefully in the spring. If you choose to donate anything, the collected money will be used to cover production costs and artist fees.TRIGGER COLLECTIVE

Was founded in 2018 within the Synth Library as an open collective of women and trans* people in music. It manifests in the form of different projects. The collective evolves around the topics of re/search, un/learning, respect, equality and studying various systems of control not only in the field of music technology. One of the first projects was a learning circle for women in electronic music, series of events and publishing of a magazine. Trigger organizes regular meetings to connect women and trans* people on the music scene and as a source of empowerment and attempt to create safer space. You can also tune in to Trigger ON AIR – selection of music and discussions, thoughts, emotions and transformation it triggers and feeds – on Radio Punctum Prague

Pauline Oliveros – Deep Listening: A Composer’s Sound Practice
Tara Rodgers – Pink Noises: Women on Electronic Music and Sound
Lucie Vágnerová – ‘Nimble Fingers’ in Electronic Music: Rethinking sound through neo-colonial labour
Donna Harraway – Modest Witness
Adrienne Maree Brown & Octavia Butler – Emergent Strategies
Marie Suzanne Thompson – Beyond Unwanted Sounds
Judy Wajcman – Feminist theories of technology
Robin James – The Sonic Episteme. Acoustic Resonance, Neoliberalism and Biopolitics
Judith Butler – Bodies That Matter: On the Discursive Limits of „Sex“

Cover Art: Hol McGowan

Released July 16, 2020



Czech-based sound artist, DJ, curator and music producer from Minsk, Belarus. Devoting her work to sound exploration since 2015, she studies interconnections between the physical body, mind and environment. Her music arises from subconsciousness with an emphasis put on free improvisation with authentic sound sources, author’s recordings of basic hardware, including tape player, diy synths, all based on digital setup, often articulated with quad sound system as a part of live act. From 2017 mʊdʌki is a part of a phonon~ crew, a collective mediating sound art, contemporary electroacoustic and experimental electronic music with a focus on spatial audio, based in Usti nad Labem.


Evil Medvěd is a Prague based live musician and producer who works with modular and analog synthesis. They incorporate elements of synthetically created foley, narrative composition and lore into their production. They like being playful with their music and work on staying outside of the restrictions of genre and style, preferring to have the sound itself lead them. This desire manifests itself in their live performance, where they continuously play with the limitations of their technical ability and storytelling.


Ai fen is the new solo venture of Polish/Chinese musician and producer Ewelina Vlcek-Chiu, also known as one half of the witchwave duo ba:zel (with Daniel Vlcek). Ai fen comes out of solitude and deep, terrifying self-reflection. The composition is more experimental than the artist’s first project, particularly regarding the voice which vacillates between extreme poles of expression. The production is entirely done by Ai fen and features heavy use of processed vocal samples, minimal synths and the soprano flute, played with classical melodies or employed to create textures and drones. Ai-fen is the artist’s Chinese name, given to her at birth as a counterpart to her first Polish name. In this way Ai fen is a nod towards an Other-ed Self, always present but hidden from view, an exploration of identity as a biracial, multinational woman growing up millennial.
Following the release of her first two singles, the visceral “screamo-pop” track “As I Thought” and the vocal sample heavy, more meditative “This Analog Desire (Makes Me Slow)” Ai fen is self-releasing her debut album postforever. The album was crafted over four years, wherein Ai fen learned to produce and record.


Prague based producer and multi-instrumentalist blooming under wings of Synth Library Prague’s Trigger Collective. As a solo producer she has played live sets at various venues at Cz Ge Sk and made an audio part for exhibitions in Berlin and The Brno House of Arts. Lately she works with granular synthesis, harphs, morphed drums, Ableton and lack of respect for trends and sound recycling.MARIE CTVERACKOVA AKA MARY C AKA ANDREA BETON

Co-founder of the Synth Library Prague, curator, musician, DJ and radio host. She has been a long time contributor to Czech national youth station Radio Wave with her show “Scena s Mary C”. She co-founded music education platform Kreaton with producer and composer Martin Tvrdy and started an educational program Music Ports focused on supporting local young musicians with Goethe-Institute. Together with Martin Tvrdy she has released experimental projects under the name Hrubik and they toured as Clovek Pokrokovy. In 2017 Kreaton came together with Bastl Instruments to form ZVUK collective and soon after she co-founded the Synth Library in Prague as well as Trigger collective of women and trans* in electronic music with Alissa DeRubeis, founder of the original S1 Synth Library. She shares her experience in workshops focused on synths, music production and the potential of sound and music technology. She keeps researching on the topics of systems of power, accessibility and transformation through sound art and music

Synth Library Prague is a space for sharing, creating, discussing and experimenting with sound and electronic music supporting constant learning, respect and deep listening. It was founded in May 2018 by musicians and educators Alissa DeRubeis and Marie Ctverackova as the first sister library of the S1 Synth Library in Portland, Oregon. The Synth Library offers a collection of instruments and books for registered members to use for a very small monthly donation tackling the topic of access to music technology and exploring the possibilities of respectful informal learning, building community and our role in social change.

Synth Library Prague runs thanks to monthly membership fees, workshop fees, that are divided between lecturers and the production costs to run the space, with the help of the team of volunteers, collaboration with Aeroškola and was made possible thanks to the support of Alissa DeRubeis and generous donations from many manufacturers as well as individuals.