Prague community Radio Punctum is back with a regular broadcast and so is Trigger radio show. From now on you can tune in to the premiere of the show every 3rd Thursday of the month from 5 pm CET on

The February episode featured contributions from six members of the Trigger collective

HRRLO – demo recordings

„Hrrlo“ is a project by Daria Samokhvalova and Ira Kulikova that has emerged between the covid waves in Prague in summer 2020 when it was still possible to play live at the festivals. The project has always been primarily a live project where improvisation plays a significant role and each track is never quite the same each time it is performed. Since there is no possibility to play live, the band has decided to start working on their first album. The compositions featured in the episode are a demo tape of 3 tracks recorded by the band at their home studio.

RLUNG – new unreleased compositions

Audiovisual artist rlung works mainly with modular systems and recently released new project titled Ustí composed of carefully collected field recordings from this small town in Czech Republic, transformed and accompanied by various instruments. The compositions featured in the episode are unreleased tracks.

ZEY – audio essay

An audio essay combining music, various quotes and thoughts about bodies, space, time, various patterns, pressures and injustice presented by DJ and Add Zine editor zey.


Sudan Archives – Time 

Farai – Space Is A Place


Black Power Naps

L.R. Owens – Love and Rage

Angela Davis – Black Power Mixtape

For The Wild Podcast – Adrienne Maree Brown on Emergent Strategy

*Thoughts, resources and questionings used in this audio essay have also risen from the conversations with the  interdisciplinary artist Tereza Silon, from the discussions that we’re continuously having with collective Trigger and from the meetings that I was a part of in the atelier of intermedia at FAVU during this winter* 

FEFERONJA – field recording piece from Prague

feferonja listens for the quiet voices in urban environments. they make binaural recordings of spaces in and around Prague. you are invited to put on your headphones, close your eyes and tune in to the rhythms of life.

MARY C – deep listening tip

Synth Library and the Trigger collective has been inspired by the concept of Deep Listening, so I would like to recommend you to check Myth of Equilibrium, the latest project of C. Lavender – sound artist and sound healing practitioner. On her album Myth of Equilibrium she explores meditative physical rituals of sound with binaural recordings from inside a geodesic dome in the Catskill Mountains of New York. If this reminds you of Deep Listening concept of Pauline Oliveros, it’s very close, C. Lavender was also an assistant to this pioneering sound thinker. Check  not only for the music but also for C. Lavender’s new book called Transcendent Waves: How Listening Shapes Our Creative Lives


„Music I have been listening to and enjoying lately“

Stars Over Riparian Corridor by Chuquimamani-Condori

Belly Brocka By Laksa Fire Kit EP | Laksa (

Tachyon Particles  by Siu Mata & Amor Satyr | HiedraH Club de Baile (

Where is pt.2 by Space Afrika –  Where is pt.2- | Space Afrika (

Elephant by Venus Ex Machina – Lux | Venus Ex Machina

Kosovo Hardcore by Bambounou Parametr Perkusja | Bambounou (

Stepper by Anz Loos In Twos (NRG) | Anz (

Don’t Miss by Jaimu ▶︎ Jamiu – Don’t Miss EP | Jamiu (





Hrrlo – 3 demo tracks

rlung – some

rlung – traintokyoto

Sudan Archives – Time

Farai – Space Is A Place

Feferonja – field recording piece from Prague

C. Lavender – Myth of Equilibrium

Chuquimamani-Condori – Stars Over Riparian Corridor

Laksa – Belly Brocka

Siu Mata and Amor Satyr – Tachyon Particles

Space Afrika – Where is pt.2

Venus Ex Machina – Elephant

Bambounou – Kosovo Hardcore

Anz – Stepper

Jaimu – Don’t Miss


TRIGGER is an open collective of women, nonbinary and trans* artists, that was founded as part of the Synth Library Prague and manifests in the form of different projects  (mainly) in music. The collective evolves around the topics of diversity, re/search, un/learning, respect and various systems of control not only in the field of music technology.  

Some of the collective efforts are to empower, take up space and promote certain ideals, values and artistic projects, to work towards sustainability, equality and manifest itself in multiple forms. As a kind of backstage collaborative and supportive group Trigger shares resources and opportunities and it’s also a collective identity that creates various projects and organizes events.