SIESTARIA ::: naslouchání spánku

Připojte se k naslouchání odpočinku, mapování snů a jejich nonverbálnímu sdílení prostřednictvím zvuku a kresby. Pojďme společně odpočívat a čelit tlaku na neustálou produktivitu v systému postaveném na vykořisťování. Workshop povedou v angličtině umělkyně a výzkumnice Tatiana Heuman aka QEEI a Florencia Curci. Vstupné je definované, ale není překážkou. Registrovat se můžete přes email.

Join us in exploring dreams and listening. Come have some rest and let’s oppose excessive productivity and abusive systems with artists and researchers Tatiana Heuman aka QEEI and Florencia Curci. This workshop seeks to summon the imagination and non-daily logics of listening to expand the acoustics of the dream space. We will work with written dreams that will be translated and exchanged non-verbally.

Through bodily, meditative and deep listening practices we will open a space for dialogue and sound experimentation in which we will reflect on questions such as: What is rest? What forms of rest exist? Do we rest when we dream? What does rest mean for me and for my body? How are my perceptions transformed when I sleep and when I dream? How and what do I hear when I sleep? These auditory-oneiric findings will materialize in a collective map that will mutate in a playful and unpredictable way.

This workshop proposal is based on the belief that talking about rest and sleep, and sharing our dreams, is crucial to raise awareness. This awareness can help us reject abusive systems that force us to excessive productivity and prevent us from recognizing tiredness in the context of our creative processes.

Siestaria is an ongoing artistic research project that can take various forms, including workshops, installations, and dream concerts. The project focuses on the ideas of dream listening, dream translation, and oneiric cartographies. Each event is captured and stored on a website, creating a communal and fictional map that expands and intertwines with each new addition. Through this map, dreamers can connect with each other, even if they have never met before. Siestaria is constantly evolving and adapting to present needs, serving as a dynamic and intimate space.

Florencia Curci is a sound & radio artist and curator based in Buenos Aires. Her work focuses on noise and rhythms as relative concepts that can configure perception, communication and subjectivity. Her interest is to open meeting spaces through sounding and listening. Her work has been presented at Centro Cultural Kirchner, Cultural San Martín [AR], Medialab Prado [ES], Tsonami Festival[CL], Aural Festival [MX], Kunst Radio [AT] and Mayhem [DK], amongst others. Florencia completed her studies in Expanded Music at the UNSAM University, and was part of the Artists’ Program of the Torcuato di Tella University. In 2017, she founded CASo – Centro de Arte Sonoro (Sound Art Center). Florencia is part of Investigaciones del Futuro (IF), a non-specific institution and a permanent workshop of thought and construction in Villa Lynch, in the Buenos Aires suburbs.

Tatiana Heuman works in the fields of sound, movement, and media arts. Her current interests are the construction and maintenance of spaces for the exchange of narratives and rituals that favor presence, diversity, and the formation of bonds. From this perspective, she actively develops laboratories and workshops that combine Deep Listening®, sound creation, dream sharing, and somatic movement practices.

⇨ WHEN: 8th October 6:00 – 9:00 pm
⇨ WHERE: Synth Library Prague – Nusle
⇨ ENTRY: 600 CZK / 500 for SLP members / FREE – if you are in an unstable financial situation and you would like to join the workshop, feel free to contact us, we have reserved spots free of charge.
⇨ The workshop will be lead in ENGLISH
⇨ Open for anyone with the desire and curiosity to dive into the potential of dreams as a creative source.

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